Informed Consent Form

Purpose: The purpose of this research is to investigate attitudes about terrorism.
Description: We will present you with a survey which will ask for information regarding your attitudes toward terrorism and 
airline security.  The survey will also include some demographic questions.


1. I understand that the use of human subjects in this project has been approved by the UNH Institutional 
Review Board for the Protection of Human Research Subjects.

2. I understand the scope, aims, and purposes of this research project and the procedures to be followed and the 
expected duration of my participation.

3. The IRB views this study as having no more than the minimal risks that are addressed by the investigator's plan to 
protect confidentiality.

4. I understand that the confidentiality of all data and records associated with my participation in this research, including my identity, 
will be fully maintained.

5. I understand that my consent to participate in this research is entirely voluntary, and that my refusal to participate will involve no 
prejudice, penalty, or loss of benefits to which I am otherwise entitled.

6. I further understand that if I consent to participate, I may discontinue my participation at any time without
prejudice, penalty, or loss of benefit to which I am otherwise entitled .

7. I confirm that no coercion of any kind was used in seeking my participation in this research project.

8. I understand that if I have any questions pertaining to the research or any research related injury I can
 call Clint Jenkin at 603-862-4902.  In addition, if I have any questions about being a subject in this 
research project I can contact Julie Simpson (Office of Sponsored Research) at 603-862-2003.

9. I understand that I will not be provided financial incentive for my participation by the University of 
New Hampshire. I understand that I will have the option to enter a drawing for a $50© gift card 
after I complete the survey.

10. I certify that I have read and fully understand the purpose of this research project and its risks and 
benefits for me as stated above.